‘Wellness is everyone’s right’.

We are on a mission is to empower the society to live a healthy life in a most natural way, through Naturopathy and Yoga. Using Vedic Principles, we suggest changes one should make in the lifestyle to be healthy holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Our Mission is to revive our Vedic Practices, reintroducing them in a new avatar for easy adaptation in day-to-day life, so that everyonecan live healthy and medicine free life in natural way. We believe that the youth of today, need such knowledge, so that any health complexities can be totally avoided making elderly life more blissful.

Online Program on Naturopathy & Nutrition (SNTTC July Weekend Course)

Online Program on Naturopathy & Nutrition (SNTTC July Weekend Course)

24th July to 15th Aug 2021, 7.30 to 10:30 AM IST (Only on Saturday & Sunday Weekend)

10,000 INR

Self Naturopathy (Natural Wellness) Teacher Training Course (SNTTC)

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Testimonials /

Dr. Madhav Kirti Das

An International Health Coach and Yoga Guru

Shilpa Sharma

An accredited Nutrition & Yoga Practitioner for more than a decade

Nirmala Radha Dasi

Dietician & Nutritionist

Ajitesh Sharma 

Life Coach, NLP Trainer & Therapeutic Hypnotist