Law of Attraction

In simple terms, Law of Attraction can be defined as the ability to attract whatever we want into our lives. Regardless of age, religion or beliefs, we believe with the power of our minds, whatever we focus on and work towards achieving, we can attract it into our lives. You all must’ve heard the famous dialogue from a bollywood movie, “Kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho, to puri kaaynaat use tumse milane me lagg jati hai” which is a perfect illustration of the Law of Attraction. It means if we whole-heartedly desire something, the entire universe starts helping us in fulfilling that desire.

History suggests that the teachings of Law of Attraction have been around us presented to us in different ways for hundreds of years.

You reap what you sow.

When explained, whatever you give to the world, whatever you think about during your entire life comes back to you. In the western culture, the term used for this theory is ‘Karma’.

The most important thing when practicing Law of Attraction is coming to terms with the facts that every good or bad thing that is happening or has happened to us in the past is because of our decisions. With a positive outlook and positive decisions, one has the ability to attract positive outcomes. Once we learn how to practice Law of Attraction, the only thing keeping us from fulfilling our desires will we us. Be it our relationships or financial desires, our healthy lifestyle or our desire to be successful, Law of Attraction will help us find the right path towards our goal fulfilment.

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